Take some addiction recovery advice from the birds

Spring has sprung . . . the season of hope and rebirth. Seemingly, miraculous things are happening all around us. All sorts of animals and plant life are emerging from that which, not long ago, appeared to be lifeless or gone forever to the cold cruel winter. I know, that was a bit dramatic. But it sure felt that way! Right?! Amazingly, it’s always at the point that we want to give up hope of surviving another day of (brace yourself for more drama) whipping winds and overcast, grey skies that a tiny, bright green bud begins to emerge from the tall, stoic tree that was sure to never bloom again, giving us a brighter outlook for the days ahead.

Seasons are a metaphor for life. But just like with nature, change does not occur effortlessly. On the first day of spring, the transformation to come is not immediately apparent. Beneath the ground, the soon to sprout gorgeous purple croci, have had ongoing, complex systems at work . . . same with the trees and the birds. Have you ever watched a bird build a nest? Sit on its eggs? Provide food for the hatchlings throughout the day? And all while protecting the nest? It’s a lot of tireless work and determination! But the result is beautiful.

Likewise, when deciding to make positive life changes the results are rarely instantaneous. For example,  when we work towards goals for weight-loss, improved mental health or strengthened relationships, there are systems at work and resolute efforts to be made before the change will become evident.

With the goal for addiction recovery, the challenge is even greater because there are often underlying psychological issues that have led to chemical dependancy. Also, once a person starts taking drugs there are changes in brain chemistry that make quitting difficult, according to American Addiction Centers. Drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will. So, where do you begin? Take some advice from the birds:


The nest is your mindset . . . Make up your mind that you are ready for change. Prepare a foundation for a new way of thinking. Start harnessing the belief that transformation can occur.


The eggs are your game plan . . . Your plan should be guided by professionals and may include therapy and medication-assisted treatment. By enlisting the help of experienced counselors and doctors, you are most likely to get your eggs to hatch (this is critical to your success)! Which brings us to the next step:


Put in a full effort to nurture your goals . . . Once your plan for recovery is hatched, foster it with follow-through. Make all of your appointments and be present in your participation by communicating honestly. Utilize the tools that physicians and therapists prescribe. Keep your objectives viable by sticking to the program!


Avoid temptations . . . Stay away from people, places, and things that are likely to trigger old, unhealthy habits (we don’t want hatchlings toppling out of the nest). Stay away from anything that could threaten your recovery.

Birds know what’s up. And so do the caring professionals at Freedom Healthcare Services. Our goal is to customize a recovery process based on the specific medical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of our patients. If you are suffering from opioid addiction, give us a call and we will help hatch an individualized plan to start you on the road to recovery!

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