How long will I have to take Suboxone/Zubsolv

There is no easy answer for this one since each person’s situation and body chemistry is different. At admission your doctor will evaluate your starting point and the create and individualized treatment plan for you. For some individuals it may be a few months, for others it may be a year or longer. Your treatment team at Freedom Healthcare Services will be sure that you are on the appropriate dose for successful treatment. When everyone including you agree that it is time to start the taper process your doctor will begin to decrease your dose.

How do I get off Suboxone/Zubsolv?

FHS staff is experienced in tapering patients off the medication. A tapering schedule is determined by you and your treatment team. This is done slowly over time to reduce/eliminate negative side effects of the taper.

Do I have to attend counseling?

Yes, Counseling is required by all insurance companies and is an important part of your treatment. At FHS, counseling is offered on-site and is scheduled the same day as your doctor appointments.

Do I have to take drug tests?

Yes, at FHS medical appointments, counseling appointments and drug tests are scheduled during the same appointment. As a state licensed drug and alcohol treatment program FHS is required to drug test patients.

What if I relapse?

At FHS, we recognize that relapse is sometimes a part of the recovery process. If relapse occurs, your individualized treatment plan may be adjusted to address the relapse. Relapse prevention techniques are taught and practiced during the course of treatment. Additionally, FHS offers various group counseling sessions that can be used to address relapse.

Can I take Xanax or other benzodiazepines during treatment?

No, benzodiazepines are not safe to take with Suboxone/Zubsolv. Please talk to your doctor about safely tapering off. Once in treatment, FHS can assist you in finding a provider to prescribe alternatives.

Can I use Marijuana during treatment?

FHS focuses on recovery from all drugs and alcohol. Your individualized treatment plan may address ongoing marijuana use.

Can I take ADHD medications during treatment?

Yes, FHS would need documentation of your prescriptions and the ability to coordinate with the prescribing doctors.

How do I pay for treatment?

FHS accepts most major insurance plans including Medicaid. Please contact us by phone to see if we accept your insurance. Every insurance plan’s coverage for substance abuse treatment can vary, so be sure to call them to see what your benefits are. We only accept insured patients we do not accept self-pay.





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