Methadone Clinic
in Rochester, PA

Methadone Clinic in Rochester, PA

ClearChoices is here to provide effective, easy-to-access methadone treatment for people struggling with opioid addiction. Our methadone program isn’t one-size-fits-all: we compassionately tailor our services to your specific needs. Our exceptional team of medical and clinical professionals will guide you through the recovery process to help set you up for a successful journey of recovery.


373 Cleveland St,
Rochester, PA 15074

Clinic Hours

Monday: 5 am – 2 pm

Tuesday: 5 am – 2 pm

Wednesday: 5 am – 2 pm

Thursday: 5 am – 2 pm

Friday: 5 am – 2 pm

Saturday: 7 am – 10 pm

Sunday: Closed

The Clear Choices Experience

Help is just a phone call away — we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help you start on your path to recovery. We believe in making our care accessible and flexible, so we can adapt to your needs. And we’ll work to restore your body and mind with a holistic approach that is best for you.

Our Caring Staff

We’re committed to treating every single person with the respect and dignity they deserve, without judgement or bias. We’ll get to know you on a personal level because we’re genuinely invested in your health and success.

Our Services


We’re proud to offer a reliable outpatient addiction program to set our patients up for lasting sobriety. Our team is highly trained and stays up to date on the latest techniques, treatments, and methods to help provide quality care to our clients. In addition to Methadone, we also offer a range of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) options, including Suboxone, Vivitrol, Sublocade or Subutex, to match your unique situation.

Individualized Therapy

We use an undividualized treatment approach and customize your treatment plan to meet your specific needs and determine which MAT program is best for you. Our goal for all patients is to help them start the recovery process, work together with them during the entire process and ultimately lead them to a life without substance abuse. During therapy, we teach life skills to help clients understand their addiction, maintain employment, and sustain themselves as they transition to a stable, sober lifestyle. Our individual counseling sessions, Group Therapy and IOP help provide a holistic approach to healing each patient in mind and body.


Freedom Healthcare Services serving in Rochester PA
We’re here to provide effective outpatient drug and alcohol treatment backed by compassionate care for Rochester and surrounding areas, including Monaca, Beaver, Kabuta, New Brighton, Baden, Aliquippa, and Beaver Falls.

Driving Directions

Our address is 373 Cleveland St., Rochester, PA 15074.

From the north, head south on PA-18 S/Big Beaver Blvd to 27th Street, then turn left. After about 400 feet, 27th Street turns right and becomes 7th Avenue. In 0.4 miles, pass Li’l Joe’s on your left, then continue another 0.4 miles more and pass Oram’s Donut Shop on your left. After 0.8 miles, continue over PA-18S/Beaver Falls New Brighton Bridge. In 1.1 miles, turn left onto 13th Street. Drive for 0.5 miles to where the road turns slightly left and becomes Sunflower Road. Follow for 0.3 miles, then turn right onto Virginia Avenue. In 1.7 miles, turn right onto Cleveland Street. In a final 0.2 miles, turn left into the driveway, and we’ll be on your right.

From the south, head north on Hopewell Avenue to PA-51 N/Constitution Blvd. Follow PA-51 N for 4.9 miles, then turn right onto PA-51 N/17th Street. After 0.6 miles, turn left onto Ohio River Blvd. In 0.4 miles pass Goodwill on your right, then in about 500 feet turn right onto Case Street. Continue for 0.2 miles, then turn right onto Virginia Avenue. In 1 mile, turn left onto Cleveland Street; pass Smallwood’s Tire on your right immediately after you turn. Continue for 0.2 miles before turning left into our driveway, where we’ll be on your right.


” This place is amazing and saves my life every day!!! My intake coordinator and now consoler is so nice and easy to talk to and the Doctor seems to really care about his patients too… I’ve had nothing but an awesome experience and I’m so glad that I chose to come here!!! I highly recommend this place to everyone who is serious about their recovery and who truly wants and needs help getting clean!!!”
– Lovely B.
“You have wonderful nursing staff & my therapist is great. Even the office staff is helpful. I’m pleased.”
– Stephanie K.
“This place has a clean atmosphere & they’re seldom busy so appointment day goes fast. The current doctor’s been there a long time & is pretty easy to talk to. counseling is required & provided. If you’re in need of methadone or buprenorphine treatment consider leaving them a message.”
– Stephen Y.